The BipolarWinter Podcast - Episode Two

The Need for Sunday Laws

What Is the Bipolar WINTER Podcast?

Samuel David Steiner, a former member of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church, has experienced the corruptness of the leaders of the SDA church firsthand. After leaving the church, he has made it his mission to expose the grooming and false teachings of the SDA church.

Through his Bipolar WINTER trilogy, Samuel David Steiner is here to share the story behind the greatest, wealthiest, and most-educated doomsday cult: the SDA church. See what you can expect in the second episode of the Bipolar WINTER podcast: The Need for Sunday Laws, and listen to the episode for yourself now!


Discussed in Episode 1 (and The Days of Noah):

  • Why is worshiping on Sunday considered the mark of the beast?

  • What message is the SDA church passing to its members?

  • Who is the second beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

  • Why do we need to have the freedom and ability to worship on Sundays?

  • What can the US government and people outside the SDA church do to help?


The Days of Noah

Samuel David Steiner urges Christians, Protestants, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Mormons, and members of Greek Orthodox Church to watch The Days of Noah to gain deeper insight into the inner teachings of the SDA church. This four-part video series, available on Amazon Prime, goes in-depth to explore the origins of Noah paralleled with the prophecies of the last days mentioned in the Book of Revelation, expanding on the major teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church.


The Problems With The Days of Noah

What makes this series problematic is that it is one of the most expensive videos ever made to explain the teachings of the SDA church. But why is this daunting? These teachings work to undermine everything that you've been taught to believe. SDA leaders are teaching that the end of the world is coming by fire and their members are told to prepare as this doomsday will come any day, month, or year. They are also taught that both the United States and the Catholic church are the beasts from the Book of Revelation, who will play a role in destroying everything.


The Importance of Sundays for Religious Organizations

Sundays have always been a day of rest and worship for followers of Christianity. In fact, Sunday is considered the Lord's Day and many Christian denominations use it as a day to go to church, pray, and spend time with family.


How Worshiping on Sunday Is Considered the Mark of the Beast

While Sunday is a powerful day of worship for many religions, Seventh-day Adventists are taught that worshiping on Sunday is considered the mark of the beyond. Beyond that, the SDA church says that the United States is considered the second beast in the Book of Revelation will soon hand over their power to the first beast, the Catholic church. Samuel David Steiner wants these problematic teachings to be brought to the attention of governments around the world along with religious institutions and persons outside of the SDA church.


The Need for Sunday Laws

Samuel David Steiner argues that there should be a freedom and ability to worship on Sundays. If the government were to protect the right and freedom to worship by institutionalizing Sundays, it would ensure that one of the most important days for religious organizations is respected.

Watch for the Next Episode of the Bipolar WINTER Podcast

Through the Bipolar WINTER trilogy, Samuel David Steiner will continue to spread this information about one of the wealthiest, greatest, most-educated doomsday cults. Make sure to tune in for episode three of the Bipolar WINTER podcast where we will be discussing why worshiping on Sunday is something religious persons should be able to enjoy. You can also check out Samuel David Steiner’s book Bipolar WINTER for historical fiction based on the facts of the Seventh-day Adventist church!