Are Catholics ignoring their own prophecies?

Are Catholics ignoring their own prophecies?

Many Catholics are not aware of their church's doomsday prophecies. Other Christian denominations have made similar end of the world predictions. Seventh-day Adventists teach that Rome will usher in events leading to the end of life on earth. What do these prophecies claim, and how many Catholic and Adventist adherents are aware of their churches’ beliefs regarding Armageddon?

What are Catholic scholars saying about current events in Ukraine? How is Russia's invasion of its sovereign neighbor connected to doomsday prophecies?


Malachi Martin's Fatima Inspired Russia-Ukraine Prediction

More than a quarter century ago, Catholic priest Malachi Martin spoke of Russia, Ukraine, and end of the world prophecies. What does he say about the role of Russia in the Catholic Church's teachings?

Martin often spoke and wrote about the Three Secrets of Fátima. He was an ardent believer in the visitation of the Virgin Mary to three children in Fatima, Portugal and of her call for the consecration of Russia. According to Martin, the third secret of Fatima was that Russia would be converted to Christianity.

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In her appearance at Fatima, the Virgin Mary declared that God had chosen to use Russia as an instrument of chastisement to punish the world if Catholics, through their prayers, did not obtain the conversion of Russia to the Catholic faith. She stated that the conversion of Russia would bring peace; she warned that if her request were not granted, Russia would spread its terror throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church, the martyrdom of many, the annihilation of nations, and the enslaving of surviving nations by the atheist tyrants of Russia.

Bipolar Winter is a fiction novel based on historical facts by Samuel David Steiner. Many events have taken place in the history of Christianity, and Steiner hopes to unveil some of his findings. He ultimately wants his readers to become informed and make their own decisions on what they choose to believe. Steiner grew up around The Seventh-day Adventist Church, and he decided it was his duty to inform others about what he witnessed. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the world’s wealthiest organizations, whose membership is among the most highly educated, is a virulently anti-Catholic doomsday cult. SDA church prophecies specifically condemn the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. The SDA has taught children that if they do not worship on Sunday, they will be subject to punishment. Discover the truth with Bipolar Winter.