This Is a Call to Action For Catholics & Protestants

Our Call to You: Watch The Days of Noah

The Days of Noah is a documentary and propaganda tool from the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church. Broken down into four parts and available on Amazon Prime, this docu-series is being used to spread untruths about the Catholic Church, the US government, and to prepare followers for the end of the world by fire. We ask that you watch this docu-series to gain a full understanding of the radical teachings of the SDA church.

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Enlighten Family & Friends

This is our call to you to help enlighten your family and friends about the teachings of the SDA church. In this video, you’ll discover the true intentions of the SDA church and how church members are being taught to evangelize. Some of the topics covered in this docu-series, included:

  • The SDA teaches Catholic Church is the first beast of Revelation

  • The SDA church teaches Sunday worship is the mark of the beast

  • Branch Davidian SDA church taught destruction of Mount Carmel by fire

  • Why the US government is considered by the SDA as the great evil Satan, the second beast of the book of Revelation

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Knowledge Is Power

The Days of Noah docu-series teaches the leaders of the SDA church to prepare for the end of the world by fire. By understanding the teachings of the SDA church and their intentions, you can enlighten not only yourself but others you care about. The SDA church has been preaching end-of-the-world prophecies and how we are living in the midst of the seven plagues described in the book of Revelation. The more you understand about their teachings and their true intentions, the more you can begin to question whether or not they intend to self-fulfill church prophecies.

Watch The Days of Noah & the BipolarWINTER Podcast

We call on you to watch The Days of Noah docu-series with your family, friends, and any others you care about. Then tune-in to the BipolarWINTER podcast to learn more about the SDA church’s teachings and intentions.

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